Welcome to the World of Simplicity, Where Being Complicated Is Against the Rules…

Celebrate Simplicity With Us — You'll Be Glad You Did!Below, you will find all the details about Simplify-Your-Life Day™, and how you can participate. Although this day is only one small part of your great big year, we hope that what you experience will stay with you for a lifetime.

Step 1

Sign up for the power-packed free gift “33 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life TODAY.” You’ll receive instant access to actionable tips to get you moving toward your goal to get organized and simplify!

Step 2

Mark your calendar for the big day: March 3, 2021.

When it comes around, make a list of 3 steps you can take action on right away to simplify your life. It’s easy to remember that way —

  • do 3 things
  • on the 3rd day
  • of the 3rd month.

Just 3! That’s it. And if you’re not sure exactly what do, reference your free gift “33 Ways” — there are plenty of juicy ideas inside.

Step 3

Throughout the rest of the year and in keeping with the theme of 3’s, make it a priority to eliminate 3 things from your life each month that cause chaos, clutter, and overwhelm.

Plus, an added BONUS…

To help you accomplish this goal, when you claim your free gift “33 Ways,” you will also receive a complimentary subscription to the award-winning newsletter Organizing Essentials (a $147 value). You’ll get the scoop on the latest organizing and productivity tips, products, and more — all guaranteed to make your life easier and better!