71% Claim Getting Organized & Simplifying Would Improve Their Life — Do You Agree?

Getting Organized & Simplifying Improves Your Life!Getting organized is always a top-ten New Year’s Resolution, and in a recent study, 71% of people agreed their quality of life would improve immensely if they were better organized. There’s no denying that, for many individuals and families, calming the chaos has become a priority.

That’s how Simplify-Your-Life Day™ came to be.

Truly, the reasoning behind Simplify-Your-Life Day™ is just as simple as the occasion itself — it was created by professional organizer Carmen Coker and is sponsored by the International Association of Virtual Organizers to help people around the world who want to simplify their busy lives.

Leonardo DaVinci once said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” We couldn’t agree more, and our goal is to help the world experience first-hand how utterly sophisticated and liberating simplicity can be.